The Seventh Legion(7th) is recruiting

The seventh is a gaming clan based from Xbox live, for the sole purpose of competitive game play for Battlefield 3. Using superior tactics and adopting actual military methods and strategy. Highly dedicated and disciplined, the seventh looks to make its mark on the gaming community.

A carefully selected unit molded into an effective and devastating fighting force. Heavily trained and relentlessly tested, these battle hardened soldiers are proud to be soldiers of the Seventh Legion.

The 7th is a Gamebattles registered team.

the Seventh is lead and trained by actual members and military instructors of the armed forces. Our tactics are real, our methods are proven. If you are looking for a Military experience look no further, from customs and courtesy to communication and tactics. We make it as real as possible. With actual military instructors to lead you there. If this is something you are looking for click on the link and put in an application.

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Basic Requirements:

1. Be at least 18 years of age (Some exceptions can be made based on Administration's decision)

2. Own an Xbox360

3. Purchase and own a copy of Battlefield 3

4. Own a working headset and use it

5. Own all map packs



This is not a clan, it is a unit!

We train as a unit, we communicate as a unit, and we serve as a unit.


The Seventh is looking for mature, level headed people that possess the above listed qualities. If you are one of these individuals, continue to “Join” page...


The enlistment process is as follows:


You will need to go to then go to the join page, follow the directions.


You will be emailed date/time of orientation, which will be held via live. At orientation you will be told everything about us and how we operate.


We will judge you on all aspects of that position (performance, communication, and team work).


We will send you a email of acceptance. Upon acceptance you will be given the rank of Private.


Contact, for serious inquiries only:

2nd Lt. Perkins

Administrator/Web Coordinator/Senior Recruiter

If you have any questions, you may contact me via my contact page at the link below.!contact





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