The Secret Achievments

I'm now on my second playthrough and I'm looking to get the two remaining Secret Achievements I need, and I have been looking around for some info on them to make sure they're not missed, but I havn't been able to find anything. I'm wondering if anyone here might know what they are?


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When in doubt - has the answers.

Though, what you're probably looking for (and this is only a guess) is the achievement for siding with the Mages in five quests and then for siding witht he Templars in five quests.  Since there's only about seven or eight quests that count for this, only one's doable in any one playthrough, without extensive reloading.

Well, that means one of them is for siding with the I just need to find out what the last one is.

Perhaps earlier in the game, when getting into the city for the first time, you have to side with either smugglers or mercenaries? There's an achievement for each, smugglers, or mercenaries.

There's two secret achievements related to the Mages and Templars; one is "Side with Mages" the other is the one you have, side with Templars.

Basically; the quests you've done where you sided with the Templars, thus getting that achivement - if you side with the Mages instead....

Aside from Arcane Defender and Mage Hunter (side with either faction five times), the only other secret achievements in the main game are for defeating the three major boss battles and are unmissable. The last secret achievement is part of the Exiled Prince DLC and is awarded for finding and dealing with the mercenaries responsible for the Vael family murder.

Could it be the 'A Worthy Rival' achievement?

Based on his achivements (when I last looked) it looks like he's missing the "Arcade Defender" one, rather than "A Worthy Rival" when looking at the score-per-achievements.

I know that one of the two I need is for siding with the Templars, and based on what Mysten said, the other one should be for dealing with the Flint Company Mercanaries because I know that the Prince DLC was bugged and didn't award some cooresponding achievements.

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Well, that means one of them is for siding with the I just need to find out what the last one is.



The helping the Templars x 5 achievement didnt trigger for me on my second playthrough.    I cant face another playthrough at present. I have gone back to a new playthrough of Origins.  I had forgotton just how awesome this game was...