The Save Imports?

I was wondering if anyone knows how the imports work in terms of where the saves original location was? Does it matter whether or not it's imported from the saves origin?

In example, before ME2 came out I had two 360's and I beat ME1 on one console in preparation to have a good playthrough ready to import into ME2, but I knew I would be playing ME2 on my other console. So I copied the ME1 save onto my memory card from the HDD so I would be able to take it to the second console and when ME2 came out I started it all up on the second console that I knew I would be playing on, but when I went to import the save into ME2 it wouldn't work. (I can't remember whether or not I left the save on the card or moved it onto the second hard drive if that matters?) This left me to replay ME1 all over again on the new console for a import.

So I'm just wondering what the case might be with this issue. I don't see why an import should have to be made from its original location.


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CrypticZer0 would be a good one to tackle this question, I've heard something about a hidden file that prevents people from doing it that way.  I used the xbox transfer cable when I switched boxes and had no problems with importing...

For ME1, the final save that is used to import characters is a hidden save file that can not be transfered via memory card - needs to be done using the transfer cable.


Instead of playing ME1 all over again, you should have just reloaded your ME1 save on your new Xbox,  then beat Saren/Sovreign again, this would have created the hidden save that you could then import to ME2.

Ahh, I see. Thank you.

Does anyone know if it is the same deal with the ME2 save?