The Same Game?

WIll Modern Warfare 3 be able to break away from the repetative Call of Duty game?

The original Modern Warfare was the peak of the franchise for me, and since then it's felt like just a copy and paste affair from game to game. Will this one include any different gameply mechanics such as a cover system or destructable enviroments?

These games have always been excellent, but at this point I feel like it's going to be the same run and gun gameply as the last 4 installments.


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Same game, minor tweaks. That's what CoD is.

Same thread?

[quote user="FATBOY0712"]

Same thread?

[/quote]Yep because some people are too damn lazy to read the other 20 threads about the same topic.

If you want a cover system, play third-person - if they have a playlist for it this time.

If you want a cover system, play Ghost Recon Future Soldier which isn't out yet.

Tom Clancy games are becoming more and more arcade-like .

It is the same game in the sense of grahpics and well, actually....yeah its the same game :/

Don't worry I hear the next cod won't have weapons in it at all but instead a soccer ball and you get to play competitive foot ball in maps all around the world.  It will be totally different and I hope all the haters are happy.

They should take some things that BF does, the destruction and slight graphic improvements would be neat to add.