The RocknRoll Circus is Recruiting!!!

Hey there fellas (and gals),

The RocknRoll Circus is a brand new clan. We Are Level 11 on CoD Elite and have 6 Premium members so far. I have posted The Circus rules below. Anyone interested in joining us can message me on Xbox Live (gamertag: MisterRocknRoll) or visit our webiste and submit an application (You will have to crate a profile on gamerDNA to join.)

In this day and age of gaming, where all respect for fellow gamers seems to have disappeared, The RocknRoll Circus is making a commitment to abide by the following rules and bring back some of that good old fashioned respect that seems to be lost on a lot of people today. There are also a few other rules to follow as a Circus member.

These rules are:

-The Circus was created with one goal in mind: To create a group of tight knit gamers who are dedicated to the same common interests. Namely, to be competitive, to get along with one another, and to have fun!

-The Circus does not tolerate immaturity and disrespect among its members. With that, we do not insult our opponents, rage quit, or engage in any activity that makes The Circus look like a bunch of pussies and cry-babies. Are we men and women or boys and girls? You must show respect to demand respect!

-The Circus is not a tyrannical clan. Everybody's opinion matters and nobody will be left out. If you have something to say, speak up! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and will be heard. It's up to all of us to make this clan what we want it to be.

-We have a ranking structure within the clan. Circus members can move up in rank based on three things: 1. The member's responsibility within the clan; 2. The member's willingness to recruit new members; 3. How much the member helps out in clan ops.

-Every member of The Circus must be a Call of Duty Elite member. You do not have to have the Premium version, but the free version is a must so we can add you to the clan.

-Every Circus member must have a mic and be active. If nobody in the clan has heard from you in a month or two, consider yourself out of The Circus. Make sure to let us know if you are not expecting to be online for an extended period of time. There are, of course, reasons why we might be gone for longer durations (whether personal or whatever) so just let us know and we won't have to assume you want to quit the clan.

-There is no age limit to join The Circus...age doesn't matter, attitude does!

-If I may be frank for a second...Camping is a *** move, it's like sucker punching someone...Campers are not welcome in The Circus.

-W/L before K/D.

If you can follow these simple rules then...

...Welcome to The Circus...

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