The response to this game is pitiful...

I mean come on, every game has hacks and glitches in the first few weeks but they patch it. You guys STILL think it's the same IW that made CoD4 and Mw2. Reason Mw2 wasn't fixed: They all left or got fired literally 2 weeks after Mw2's release. Now you all must realise that they are doing their VERY BEST to fix this game, with the major glitches and bugs as priority #1, with stupid things that don't even matter like the clan tag glitch last.

They HAVE been fixing things, they HAVE been doing things half of you scrubs think their NOT doing. They fixed going underground on Outpost, in the truck on Outpost, fixed the Super Speed and Slow-Mo lobbies (at least as far as I can tell). They fixed the dual care package glitch (not like that extreme one from mw2, you only get 2 cares, not infinite!). They actually ARE banning people, I had 4 friends on my friends list banned perma for constantly abusing the underground glitch on Outpost, and the dual care glitch.

So STOP complaining, they WILL fix it! I mean, these staff are complete scrubs! Their all scrubs straight out of Uni, give em credit!


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The one thing I do find troubling is that IW doesn't release the patch notes on the CoD Forums. Only there I can evaluate what was done and test it myself for the heck of it. I know Treyarch does. Why IW chose that route, I have no clue.

Because it's the new IW, Activision is experienced, this one is NOT.

The quality of this game is pitiful.

Dont get me wrong the campaign is fun and the spec ops element of the game is brilliant,I much prefer spec ops to zombies and would love if they released a batch of new missions as DLC.

BUT!! the most largest and most important part of any CoD is the multiplater.MW3 FAILS!! in so many ways I cant be bothered to list them let alone play the thing.Give it 2 months and I may return to MP and give it another chance,but in the mean time I will leave the hackers,glitchers,cheats and lag well alone.

The issue I have is there are becoming to many WTF moments due to the lag compensation fiasco. gets very annoying.

I have been an avid supporter/defender of this title since launch.  But the inadequecies that this game keeps showing is starting to turn my opinion.  I have also noticed the amounts of returns that this game is getting at Gamestop along with the amount of my friends list dropping this game and going back to MW2.  Besides the ingame MP fails and hacks that are being fixed i dont think they are 100% yet, i think COD MW3's biggest fail has been with Elite...and thier customer service dept is no help what so ever...I still play and i will still be loyal to the franchise BUT if i still keep getting one shotted by the Type95 from across the damn map and when my Sniper bullets miss at a target CLEARLY in my crosshairs due to lag compensation (happened 5 times last night) i may have to lay down this game even with the year of Elite i have ( because all Elite has given me is a few titles and emblems...according to Elite i still have NOT played a MP game yet and i am half way through my 1st Prestige! So yeah they got a few more bugs to work out...

Agreed, but their working on ELITE... right?

they may be fixing the cheats, fine, good.  But they will never fix the most important issue and that's lag.  This lag compensation should be illegal.  Also, they completely ripped us off on this elite BS.  There is absolutely no value in that.

The lag in MW3 and BLOPS made me camp more.  What is the point of running if like 70%-80% I will loose 1-on-1 battle due to lag.  MW2 wasn't as bad as these two titles.  Btw, nobody forced anyone to buy Elite.  You saw videos etc and if you decided to pay for a fancy way to show your stats that is your problem.

Occasional glitches/hacks are NOT as ground breaking as your whole team having lag :( .

I hope they patch it somehow or at least improve it.

Well they are trying

I have a guy on my friends list and he got to level 73 on outpost in spec-ops.  After the 1st update/patch, I noticed he wasn't on the leaderboards anymore.  I figured he took advantage of the outpost glitch I have been hearing about. To get that high on that level, I assume you would have to find a glitch.

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