The Reckoning is here (Halo Reach)

The Reckoning is a military structured organization, looking to expand our forces.

We are looking for mature, active players, this means on and off the game as well as our website.

Maturity and Activity our paramount to our organization, and we try to provide our members with a fun and competitive environment to be apart of.

Skill is of little concern to TR, if you are willing to learn then you are welcome to apply we have weekly practices, where we cover everything from call outs, to tactics, to marksmanship, and general weapon familiarization. Our overall goal is to dominate every game we enter, and to do that we need competent, expressive members. If you aren't that good, we will help you get better!

Our philosophy is, not everyone is a professional gamer, and not everyone wants to be. But no one enters a match and wants to lose. Even the best players have off days, so its best to go into matchmaking with friends, and that is where we come in. Even if you aren't performing at your best, your team can help carry you if needed, and you can do the same...So don't play alone, join The Reckoning today!

We do have some stipulations:

1. Have a working microphone
2. Be 15 years of age or older
3. Be able to access our website on a daily basis
4. Be able to attend at least 1 mandatory practice per week

If you can handle those 4 simple things, then hit up our application page at our site.

The Reckoning is in a stage of growth, we are seeking members with leadership potential and the drive to lead fine men and women into virtual combat. For a leadership role, right out the gate with The Reckoning, you do need to have some skill and general game knowledge.

Things we are looking for in potential TR Leaders:

1. Be a Commander or higher in rank (in game)
2. Have a positive k/d ratio (matchmaking games)
3. Depending on rank, have a good percentage of your commendation progress completed.
4. Be active on our website (as this is where all information is posted)
5. Know call outs for maps in the game types you will be covering.
6. Have a good personality (if people get along with you, why should they play with you.)

As you can see we are a very well structured organization, if we have peaked your interest, please visit our website

If not, thank you for reading!

TR Rooster
Chief Operations Officer
RAGE Squad Leader


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