The reason I prefer the PC version

Okay these pics will show you why I prefer the PC version. One from Mass Effect 1 and the nest from Mass Effect 2. I wonder who will spot why? Links added if you want to see larger versions.

Mass Effect 1:


Mass Effect 2:


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Still got your scare.

I dunno, I've spent a few minutes looking and the only thing I've noticed is that Schuey19 mispelled the word "scar".  In the second picture I wondered if the shadow beside her nose should be on the other side of her face for the light seems to be shining on the same side as the shadow.  I do think that your nitpicking a bit (only a little...:-) though, I've played them on both the PC and XBOX and actually prefer the 360 version because I hate using the keyboard and can't kickback on the couch.  The hacking mini-game for ME1 was definitely better on the PC, however...:-)


Schuey nailed it, Shepard still has the scar on her face.


I know it is a small thing but it annoyed me that they didn't bring the scars back in Mass Effect 2, though I can understand why with the Lazarus project and all.


The scar kind of became important to my Shepard's history, as it was a wound she picked up on Elylisum (in my head at any rate )


And to be honest I do prefer the control scheme of Mass Effect 2 on the 360, but it's the little things like the Scar Restoration Project that make the PC version top for me.

Im with Arkham on this one. I prefer the Console version.  I would usually be all for PC, but on this occasion, kicking back on the couch wins for me.  

I don't see the point in playing on the couch. When I try I almost always end up perched on the edge of it anyway.


Personally I play the 360 from my PC chair, as it is comfortable and helps maintain my posture.

Never played either ME game on pc, and not a fan of keyboard and mouse controls, but I would of liked to option of having my proper scar for my Shepard's. Like voteDC, I put a lot of thought into which scar to choose for each Shepard, so hated that they removed them completely from ME2 and replaced them with "evil scars" - god I hope they remove that nonsense from ME3.

I started gaming really on the PC. I'd owned consoles before that in the NES and Megadrive but it was the PC where I really started to game. Though I still say the best version of Command and Conquer I've ever played was the one on the Sega Saturn.


I can also touch type, so my fingers know where all the keys are, which means I can easily reach what I need without having to glance down at the keyboard.


Though as I said above I do prefer the controller for playing Mass Effect, the same as I do when playing Gears of War.

Also I am completely with Schuey about the scar.


I put real thought into what scars to give my Shepard's because I want it to suit how I am going to be playing them.

I started on the Zx80, Vic20, VideoPac etc. However, my first play on Modern Pc's was DA:O.  

It was a much better experience, I admit.  My Xbox, is in another room to my gaming PC, and thats why I like to lig on the couch to play ME.  Much comfier.  I sit in a chair all day though, so its nice to be more of a couch potato, when I get home.

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