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I wish they never changed these forums.  Since the first game came out, I had posted a thread before each expansion listing cards I would like to see as potential unlockables.   Then it was always a nice surprise to see a few of my picks, make it into the expansion.  Surprisingly however, is the shear number of picks that have made it into this game.  I would have loved to have been able to link to those old threads, but alas I can not. 

So with that said, here are some new picks for what I would like to see in the next expansion:


  • Siege Gang Commander- I don’t care what red deck they put it in but seriously!
  • Stigma Lasher-  Punishing fire is awesome but we should further kick Life-gain card users in the groin!
  • Demon Fire- Better than Blaze



  • Earthquake-  More sweepers are greatly needed, the flavor seems fitting for Koth
  • Jaws of Stone- another flavor fitting card
  • Ashling the Pilgrim- Awesome creature


  • Lignify-  Just a piece of spot removal that seems fitting and not overly powerful for Green
  • Harmonize- Awesome card draw
  • Tooth and Nail-  Less broken than if this was in the ramp deck



  • Day of Judgement-  Sweeper that makes regen stronger
  • Basilisk Collar- Awesome equipment that’s not too powerful for the deck
  • Steelshaper’s Gift-  Decent tutor. Nothing more



  • Counterbalance-  I have a sweet spot for bomb enchantments
  • Glen Elendra Archmage-  Great creature- would like to see the persist mechanic
  • Ancestral Vision-  I want to see the suspend mechanic, this is SOOOO good!




  • Kalastria Highborn-  This deck could Greatly use another bomb 2 drop, the early game is pretty terrible
  • Profane Command-  Any of the commands would be awesome but especially here as there are currently no other recursion effects in the game
  • Mutilate- Another Awesome sweeper that this game drastically needs


  • Elvish Branchbend- Fun elf that fits the “numbers matter” theme of this elf deck
  • Allosaurus Rider-  Alternative costs are cool and fun with counterspells
  • Sylvan Messenger-  Card drawing elf

U/G Ramp:

  • Green Sun’s Zenith-   fits into early or late game, good utility for this deck
  • Mystic Snake-  Awesome card!
  • Rampant Growth- If you’re gonna ramp…


  • Fling-  seems fun here!
  • Blood Cultist-  Better early game card
  • Predator Dragon- I really like the Devour mechanic here



  • Esperzoa-  adds a great deal of speed to an otherwise pretty slow deck
  • Windwright Mage- Another Decent early creature
  • Tidehollow Sculler-  I thought there were some cards using the exile zone, if so…


*** Rumored New Decks***


  • Swerve-  Cool card that adds tons of awesome possible plays


  • Oversoul of Dusk- Pure 100% Awesome
  • Qasali Ambusher-  Fun card!
  • Gaddock Teeg-  Fun Powehouse card!



  • Nixathid- Great creature for a discard deck, was disappointed this never made it into the first game.
  • Duress/ Thoughtseize-  Any card that shows us opponent’s hand and lets us choose will be Amazing!
  • Dark Confidant-  Just an awesome creature


...So those are my picks,  I always try to stay within the boundaries of this game.  No planeswalkers, or mana producing creatures, etc.  What would you like to see?




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Would like to add my suggestions but these new forums are horrible and I can't format like I would like to.

Elspeth deck = Mono-White Control

Eternal Dragon, Decree of Justice, et al.

Yes,  and Exalted Angel and Akroma