Someone sticky this plz, thanks.


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HAI, I'm a GaMeRGiRl and I need me sum friends!  YEAZZZ!!!


jk...carry on.  

I'll add you =]

I don't really need friends....I'm trying to help the friendless.  Thanks tho.  

I did suggest that they should make a sticky like this, but apparently with everyone always changing their preferences it would be too much of a hassle =\

Maybe people could say "Hey, I'm looking for friends....these are the games I like...."  etc.  Most the time it's obvious by the recent activity. 

I think it's a good idea. So many of these threads are made on a daily basis. A sticky would be the logical solution.

Yeah I could use a few friends since my list is practically dead during the daytime.

I am very friendly and am always willing to add people. The more friends the merrier... as long as they aren't drama queens/kings. : /