The "Hey I used to play this game, who remembers me?" topic

So I just noticed this forum was up and there were zero posts. I'm pretty sure I've seen this game in peoples recent played lists so I'm surprised this is the first topic on the new board. Hopefully some people will notice this eventually.


As for the topic, I used to play this on PC on Titan server. My character names were Dudebro and Schminda. If anyone knows my name or we've played together I'd love to hear about it.


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New forums = Erased topics.

i wanna play ff14.

and no i was on bahamut.

[quote user="painlayer"]

New forums = Erased topics.



Ya, I know. I was just pointing out how dead it is so far.

the forums?ya most longtimers have left for greener pastures.personally after 10 years of posting i dont like the new format,so you know dont wanna encourage them by posting.many feel that way as well hoping that m$ will see the light and change it back,seems thats not gonna happen.

i still wanna play ff14,its free to play all i gotta do is get my comp fast enough to get it working.

as for the topics,you guys shoulda seen the forums in was quite buzy here.

I was on ifrit till it merged with Odin..

I still play my old charecter was called Alyssia :)

But i had to change cause of merge to Ohhai :(

I really missed out on these forums back when I played FFXI. I used to post on before they became Either way the site sucks and they've always kinda hated on FFXI players, as if EQ and such is any different.


I'm glad to see some people posting here at least. I gotta admit I have a FFXI shaped hole in my heart and I guess it'll never be filled again. :( But talking with people who've played it helps.


So do you guys miss running through sandy? I do. I loved the music and how I used to see lots of people at the AH just talking. Towards the end of my time on the game that was gone and people just hung out in al jazeera or w/e the damn town was called.

it's changed alot i still play on PC though.The AH's are now all linked  they are same AH wether in Kazham,Jueno or Windy.They also raised XP on all mobs ,but you'll love this one most dungeons like the lower Citadel the mobs level have been adjusted  for my 90 Bluemage mobs read T or higher same with Crawlers nest in secret room area. BTW new forums do stink but it's probably do to all the spammers and whiners.

Yeah I did hear that the lower zones got some crazy high mobs in them now. I guess they finally realized that it's not worth worrying about new players, because there really isn't any.

I heard about the AH thing too, that was way overdue.

its all about leveling too fast to learn the job now,all the old gear you worked for for years is outdated and almost useless.

i found its all about being easy now,i prefered it hard that way it kept out the rif raf.sea too hard?cant beat the boss to get there?good you suck you shouldnt be in sea to begin with to bid on my gear....that the type of thing i actually miss and prefered.instead we just poned the boss off to wherever so i can get what you want....not that anybody actually goes to sea anymore,just sayin lol.

o ya i prefered the closed server as noobs everybody was oldschool,then i guess they needed noobs to restock the ranks,unfortunatly most arnt worth a damn.

o ya almost forgot THE forums to be now are,thats where all the drivel of ffheads live and stalk.

your not allowed original ideas there or playing outside the box.but thats THE place for info of all kinds.going to zam etc will get you nothing but alotta phishing or viruses or someone looking to snatch your account .

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