The Professional Achievment Question ??

The Professional - 30
Complete the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dying

Hello I was just wondering if you die or fail to do it in time can you just reload last checkpoint and retry and it will be okay? Or do you have to restart the whole mission again?

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hey you need to do from the start of the checkpoint to the end without dying, so if you die, you need to restart the mission. but if you die prior too that point you should be ok. just run it on easy and you should be able to go the entire mission without dying once to be sure.

Having trouble with that achievement, according to achievement hunter the clock starts as soon as you take off the gas mask in the police shootout, and ends with the guy firing the RPG down the corridor at you.

I got this achievement randomly. Just start the mission from the start, and run through killing anyone as fast as possible. Do it on easy if possible.