The Police Department of Liberty City

                            THE POLICE DEPARTMENT of LIBERTY CITY       
                                CREATED BY: xHMGx, XxRocahxX, Munny57 & Wildesttrain.

               Hello, we are giving everyone the oppertunity to join one of the first Xbox LIVE police clans. The clan has been running for a good 3 years and we are always happy to see new members join us. Although, we are strict with out rules. We are all about having fun, get creative and set a scenario with your friends. You can do whatever you want inside of our patrols, the only thing that we ask is that you follow our rules. Now, let me tell you a little about the actual game. It will take place mainly on the original "Grand Theft Auto IV" because the equipment and vehicles are slightly more realistic compared to "The Ballad of *** Tony". Unlike most police clans, and there are many, many, many on "Grand Theft Auto IV". We play on "Cops N' Crooks" which adds a little more realism to it. Most others play on "Team Deathmatch"  or "Free Mode". You will be required to RSVP before you come to games, the RSVP saves about fifteen minutes of the time it takes to set the game up. Because, the RSVP asks you to put your job, rank, amount of money and etc. So, by the time you are in the game we already have you 90% situated. Now, once you are in the game you will be "Briefed". We will tell you what we liked and disliked in the last patrol and whether or not to chill out on one thing or to bring on some more of another. We will introduce new members as well as letting you know what areas on the map that are off limits and what islands we will be playing in on that day. In game you will have a job to do based off your RSVP, certain jobs are not allowed due to you not having the necassary  requirements. But, there are three groups of jobs. The average civilian jobs, which are the clubs, restaurants, etc. There are the City Jobs, such as Taxi, Bus, Waste Depot, etc. Then, there is the Industrial Jobs which are mostly just construction. Each group pays money and two of them pay more than the other. Average civilians get paid just $5, where the jobs for the city and industrial will pay $15. With your hard-earned money, you will be able to purchase just about anything you can lay eyes on or step foot on in the game. Everything, other than what would realistically be owned by the city. Cars, houses, apartments, property, etc. You will start out with a certain amount of money though, it will be just enough to purchases one license and buy one vehicle. Now, I could go on and on about the possibilities that are available in our patrols. But, the only way yo are gonna find out is if you try it out for yourself.


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