The Perfect Demo(GOW3)

Was just reading that epic is working on a GOW3 demo to be released soon(To bring in the few people who don't know what their missing).It sounds like it will have some kind of single and multiplayer options...

So i though it might be a interesting idea to hear from currently playing GOW3 players what they would put into GOW3 demo that they feel would make someone really want to buy the full game...

For example.

What single player experince would you use?

What multiplayer options,like modes,maps,characters,etc.

What about being able save this data and maybe earn some stuff that could be used in the full game(Just like people who played the beta could)...


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Everything that we where able to play in the beta.

It would be funny if the demo was Act 3.

Campaign: prologue and 1st & 2nd chapter of Act 1

Multiplayer: What the beta had to offer (you could only play with the people in the demo)

Horde: Waves 1-10

Beast: Waves 1-3

It won't be big, and it sure as hell won't have MP. Small part of campaign, mid-chapter two would work and possible 10 rounds of Horde. That's all.

i like the  idea

lol to you arikapo

it could be, but dont say is useless

Why did you guys revive a thread that was a year old?