The Official Kombo Thread

Use this to post your biggest, baddest, or otherwise most effective combos (no, I'm not using the "k" again XD) for your favorite characters. Please be as detailed yet clear as you can, since this will be for newcomers just as much as it is for vets.


Command Legend:
1 = Front Punch (X by default)
2 = Back Punch (Y by default)
3 = Front Kick (A by default)
4 = Back Kick (B  by default)
(Since people are prone to mapping these to different buttons (especially on arcade sticks), it's best if everyone just sticks to the 1,2,3,4 format when listing their combos, to help avoid confusion for folks.)


Dashing = Tap FORWARD or BACK twice
Forward dashes are a big part of many juggle combos. They should become second nature for you with practice.


Jump-In Attack = Forward or Backward Jump+1 (or 2)
Jump-In Attacks are great alternatives to Jump Kicks, because they actually allow you to start combos as you land. The "trick" to making them actually |count| as combo is to hit the first button input for your combo string as the Jump-In Attack CONNECTS, and before you fully land. For example, Cyrax's "See Saw" combo string (1,1,1) can be performed immediately after a successful jumping 1 or 2, which would count as a 4-hit combo. Learning which combo strings can be interupted with your fighter's special moves is key to piecing together bigger, flashier combos, and Jump-In Attacks are excellent setups for them.


X-Ray Attack = BLOCK + STANCE CHANGE (or) 3+4+BLOCK
These require a full Super Meter (3 Bars) to perform. Keep in mind that every character's X-Ray is different. Many of them can be used as highly stylish and damaging combo enders. Some are great anti-air attacks, and others are like super powered "throws" which are impossible to link into comos. Knowing the best time to unleash an X-ray is one of the most valuable mental skills you can have in MK.


Alright, currently, my main is Cyrax, and so far these are the combos I've managed to come up with. First I'll list the combo in full, then I'll go through them step by step (if needed) to explain the intricacies behind performing them successfully (and consistently).


Cyrax's Special Moves List:
Bomb = BACK, BACK+3 (Close) - FORWARD, FORWARD+3 (Medium) - BACK, BACK, FORWARD+3 (Far)
Teleport = DOWN, BACK+1
Buzzsaw = BACK, FORWARD+2
Reverse Kick = DOWN, FORWARD+3
Ragdoll = DOWN, FORWARD+3, BLOCK (Hit BLOCK immediately after the kick connects.)
Anti-Air = DOWN, FORWARD+1
(Note: I won't list Cyrax's combo strings by the names given in the in-game moves list; it's less confusing this way.)


9 Hits, 30% Damage:

Jump-In Attack, 3, 3, Net, 1, 2, 1, Ragdoll


This is a GREAT combo because of its simplicity to execute and respectable damage (1/3 of a life bar). The only part you need practice on is getting Cyrax's Net to come out after the 3, 3. Typically, if you start tapping BACK, BACK during the animation for the 3, 3, you can actually just keep hitting the 3 button and the Net should come out almost every time. (Note: Last hit of the Ragdoll won't connect if opponent is in a corner, since the kick actually flings the opponent too far away for Cyrax to grab them.) Of course, the combo can be started on the ground too, minus the Jump-In Attack. Also, if you do the Enhanced version of the Net (Electro Net - BACK, BACK + 3 + BLOCK) during the combo, you're looking at an extra 1% damage AND they won't be able to use a Kombo-Breaker to interrupt it.



8 Hits, 28% Damage:

Jump-In Attack, 2, 1, Net, 1, 2, 3, Buzzaw


Another decent damage, easy-to-perform combo that's capped off with with one of the most satisfying combo-enders in the game, IMO. The 2, 1 at the beginning can be substituted by a 1, 1, a 1, 2, or a 3, 3 (with the 1, 1 only doing slightly less damage), but I opted to go with the 2, 1 because it makes Cyrax advance forward slightly during the hits. You can add on anywhere between 2% to 4% damage by using the Enhanced specials (Electro Net and Saw Blade), and as mentioned, keep in mind Electro Net always prevents opponents from using a Kombo-Breaker.




13 Hits, 39% Damage: (Requires at least 1 bar of Super Meter)

Jump-In Attack, 2, 1, Net, 2, 1, Sticky Bomb, 1, 2, 1, Anti-Air


This one sounds more difficult than it really is. Keep in mind you can perform a Stick Bomb by tapping either BACK, BACK or FORWARD, FORWARD + 4 + BLOCK. When it connects, it launches your opponent HIGH in the air. So you'll want to wait a second for them to fall to just above your head level before you start the 1, 2, 1. As long as you time this part properly, it should be no chore to land the Anti-Air at the end. Again, you can add couple more percents of damage to the combo if you choose to use the Electro Net and Power Anti-Air instead of the normal versions, but that could be energy better put to use with an X-Ray Attack.




10 Hits, 42% Damage: (Requires all 3 bars of the Super Meter)

Far Bomb, Close Bomb, 2, 1, Net, BACK+2, X-Ray Attack


Needless to say, this combo is flashy and difficult to pull off, if not solely because it's rare that a skilled opponent will let you nail them with the Far/Close Bombo setup to begin it all. The first order of business is learning the timing to set the bombs. The best way to get it down is after you drop the initial Far Bomb, count "one-thousand-one" in your head IMMEDIATELY after you HEAR the bomb hit the ground, THEN launch your Close Bomb. It may take a bit to get the timing down, but with practice, it should become a reflex move in no time.


Second, I'll note that you CAN again substiture the 2, 1 of the combo for a 3, 3, but I've found the 2, 1 much easier to nail consistently as your opponent is falling from the second Bomb. The Net is actually the most important part of making this combo work. I've noticed that if you catch them too low or too high with the Net, the next part of the combo -- the Blast Overhead (BACK+2) -- will either miss completely (even though it looks like you SHOULD hit them) or fail to make the opponent "bounce" properly. Ideally, you want to try to have the enemy's feet at least at waist level with Cyrax once you snag them mid-air with the Net.


Next, the key to keeping things going is to make sure Cyrax is standing CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the Netted victim before you initiate the BACK+2. You have a couple seconds before the Net disintegrates, so you can either DASH forward or calmly step up. Finally, you want to execute the X-Ray Attack ASAP after the BACK + 2 connects. I typically just mash on 3+4+BLOCK repeatedly as the Blast Overhead executes, and most of the time it works like a charm. The BACK+2 bounces them JUST high enough that Cyrax's X-Ray should nail them, but the timing is pretty strict.




9 Hits, 27% Damage:

Jump-In Attack, 1, 2, Net, BACK+2, 2, 2, FORWARD+1


Another basic but pretty combo that's easy to pull off in a pinch. As usual, the 1, 2 can be replaced by a 1, 1, a 2, 1, or a 3, 3 (with the 1, 1 option being the only one that does less damage). The only other thing you need to remember is to move forward slightly after connecting with the BACK+2, then the 2, 2, FORWARD+1 should hit every time.



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Val, you call it quits on yr epic thread? (one of three threads I've faved across all of these lame new forums)

I appreciate the time/effort you have put into this so far, as well as every other contributor. Keep it up!


any good Kung Lao?  Wouldnt mind practicing some of his moves.


[quote user="Was It Teh Chad"]

here are a few ermac combos

Jump in 1, 2,2 Force Lift, Jump 4, teleport, Dash, 2,2, Force Push = 43% damage[/quote]

The only combo I see any good offline and online Ermac use is

Jump in 1, 3,1 Force Lift, Jump 4, teleport, Dash, 2,2, Force Push

JIP 3,1 is hit detectable even online not to mention no one uses 22 which is a true high you can duck under it with a low block and 22 lift is not in the 1.02 patch which is soon to come 360.  Plus 3,1 and 3,1,2 are both safe and the 3,1,2 grants a safe jump on hit theres no reason not to use that string.



Can you do Jade next?

Did I overlook the Raiden combos? If not, could we get some?

here are a few ermac combos

Jump in 1, 2,2 Force Lift, Jump 4, teleport, Dash, 2,2, Force Push = 43% damage


Jump in 1, 2,2 Force Lift, Jump 4, teleport, Dash, 2,2, Xray = 55% damage


Back+2(9%), back+1, Force Lift, jump 1, teleport, dash, 2,2, force Push = 41% Damage (S & TB Show)


Back+2(9%), back+1, Force Lift, jump 1, teleport, dash, 2,2, Xray = 51% Damage (S&TB show)


Back 1, 1, 4, Force Lift, Jump 1, Teleport, Dash 2,2, Force Push = 38% Damage


Back 1, 1, 4, Force Lift, Jump 1, Teleport, Dash 2,2, xray =  46% damage

I see people asking and not receiving. Here's for all you Cyber Subby fans.


jip, 2, 1, ice ball, jip, 2, 1, 2+1 xx f+1, 4

jip, 2, 1, ice ball, jip, 2, 1, 2+1, jump, x-ray

jip, 2, 1, ice ball, jip, b+3, 2, x-ray



jip, 2, 1, ice ball, jip, 2, 1, 2+1, b+3, 2, x-ray

jip, 2, 1, ice ball, jip, 2, 1, 2+1, jk, x-ray


Simple ones that are pretty nice if you like.

Combos where the same moves keep repeating or so terrible to look at

EDIT ^^^: I didn't realise that when you're not signed into xbox live then some of the damage scaling/nerfing doesn't come into consideration.... so w/patch the above combos do 40,39 and 46% damage respectively

Liu Kang 46% damage HITS LOW - NO meter:  Jump in punch, [Back + A, X, Y (dash)] x 5  

Liu Kang 42% damage HITS OVERHEAD - NO meter: Jump in punch, Y,X,A (dash) [Back + A, X, Y (dash)] x 4


No need to dash if in corner...



Smoke 54% damage NO Meter - Jump in punch, A, Down+X, Y, Jump kick, Air throw, OTG Smoke bomb, A,Y, Jump kick, Air throw, OTG Smoke bomb


some of the best EASY ones I know...

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