The Night Crew Clan

We are open for Xbox recruits. We are a clan for guys 25 and older so check us out

WELCOME TO THE NIGHT CREW CLAN! The majority of our members are mature gamers who enjoy online gaming, honest and conduct ourselves maturely in all gaming aspects accordingly. We are a very organized clan that consider that FAMILY, WORK and FRIENDS are the most important in our life.


  • +25 yrs of age, mic and some maturity?
  • Male only...but if you are a manly female, that is cute then maybe..


On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, the Night Crew Clan was created on the principle to bring online gamers from different background, interests, and akin to bringing some humorous experiences while gaming on multiple platforms (PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360), as well as provide our member an avenue where they can share their family backgrounds, gaming experiences, and interests.

As a member of the Night Crew Clan, we lead by example, play with honesty, and support each other through each of personal experiences. We invest time in our family, briefly escape through online gaming, and establish new friendships

Our values

Our mission is guided by the enduring and relevant tenets of online gaming –sportsmanship, honesty and fun--and our core values, which include:


Playing online games are based on honor and integrity, and we believe that honesty, camaraderie, fair play, and knowledge are important.


The Night Crew Clan values religious, ethnic, cultural, social, and educational differences. We respect the opinions of others and strive to improve and develop as better gamers.

Personal growth

Our continuous pursuit of knowledge, experience, camaraderie, and leadership brings more meaning to playing online games.


We believe that family must come first before gaming as well as strive to be better spouses, parents, and family members. We are committed to protecting the well-being of our members and their families, especially when they are in need.

How do I join?

If you would like to join the Ncrw, simply click on the button below to submit your application. Please note that your acceptance is in no way guaranteed but more than likely will not be denied unless you are a douchebag. The waiting period can take a while, just get in as many games as you can and on the forums as much as you can with the guys. The time will pass by as soon as possible. While in the game be sure to set your clan tag to FNG so everyone knows you are the new guy.


Also after you register hit the Yes we are Recruiting button at the top


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