the new xbox steering wheel

any feedback? I was thinking of trying it. be cool to just hold it in my lap, but does it WORK?


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I was thining you would lose control trying to hold it in you lap and steady it. thanks. It also has no mic jack and I like to play with friends online. If I bought it, I'd also have to buy the wirelss headset and that would set me back $110-120.


I bought it and wish I hadn't. The biggest draw back for me is that its not fixed to anything .Its really designed for the casual gamer . If you liked Mario Kart on the WII then you'll like it otherwise get a proper wheel like the MS force feedback or the Fanetic.

figured it felt like kinect. thanks, I saw the other post atfer I bad.

You asking about the new wheel that is shaped like a U and held in your hands?  I bought it and was not pleased with it at all.  Just did not feel too responsive.