The new game type is incredibly bad.

1 round, 1 flag. I like it that they are introducing new things, but this idea fails. I have played 14 rounds of this match and 13 ended with the defenders winning. What a joke. I would say that in nearly 2 decades of playing online multiplayer games, this is the worst multiplayer type that I have ever seen.


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Its not new, game types and maps come at different stages as you reach higher tier tanks.


And everyone hates Assault, higher you go, the more you will play it.  And some maps you will play assault on so much, you'll hate that even more.


WG has had map rotation problem since early beta, they can't seem to get that right. Like making us get 10-20-40 million kills to unlock 3 new maps. You work your butt off, we get the first new map, and you only get to play that map 1-2 times a day, if lucky, stuck on Malinovka assault 10 games in a row.

you need to learn how to play that game type... years of playing Battlefield's Rush gametype can help.

Assault you start as defender or attacker there are 10 minutes in the round, and they time is going to play out.

as a defender you just need to hold on for those 10 mins, as an attacker you must eliminate the other team or get the flag in that time.

this game mode requires a lot of patience and some strategies.

as an attacker you need to group up near but not right next to each other, you need your best spoters to move in slowly.

as a defender you need your best spotters looking out, what you don't need is a single tank to move out alone because it's going to get dead soon, and for what it spots up if your team is not ready to shoot you just wasted a tank.

I've noticed that when the attacking force rolls together and flanks both sides there is a better chance to win.

I've also noticed that when defenders run out and act like attackers then the defenders are more likely to lose.

If there is artillery in the game round, they are watching the defenders area and looking for gun fire, so if you shoot even if you not spotted you better move a little. Attackers do have a better chance of winning when there are artillery.

I wish the time was still 15mins for the game type, I feel that would be some help to the attackers. Give them time to poke the defense for a hole.

Also wish if not giving more time, make it two rounds so each team has a chance to play in that tank on both sides, making it more balanced in my eyes, however I do see how that could be time consuming although only by about 6more mins, (adding load times) So about a 20min match on a long one.

If one team captured it in 4 mins the other team only has 4 mins to capture it. But again I could see plenty of flaws with all my ideas, and more or less venting after playing as attackers 15 times in a row winning only 3 >...<

Gotta love the hero who charges forward gets 6 spots, dies and is useless the rest of the time.