the new direction

really unimpressed with the new direction that Respawn is taking Titanfall. more to the point the the new matchmaking system this pretty much guaranties that I will be playing the same people over and over again as they are in my skill group as a side effect the game has become rather stale not saying that I am not liking the game  it's just I have been playing the same people for a few days now I leave the game to join another room and in a few games later I'm stuck the the same people I was playing earlier. 

there is no fun playing against the same people over and over again. 


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In a sense it's also a good thing because although I consider myself a better than average player, I know for a fact that there are thousands of people better than me at this game, So... being matched with people that are "around" my skill level helps keep me on the positive side of the Kill/Death ratio

Change your game mode, or style to mix it up a bit.

Who cares if you keep playing the same people, unless they keep dominating you, JMHO. Anyways, thats why I thought a "competetive" playlist for the "skill matchmaking" wanna-bes, and keep a "public" playlist for the pubstompers would be the best set up.

on the competitive side, how are you going to get better unless you play people better than you are?

So there is that.

as for the games modes.

Attrition = how many minions can you kill.

Pilot hunter = lucky to see a pilot

Hard point = competitive game play for all styles IMO.

Cap the flag = I haven't really played it all that often to form an opinion of it

Would be interesting to see a hard point cap the flag combo.

Maybe each hard point has a flag and you need to cap all of them twice a round....that would be hectic.