The Need Of A Friend Or Gaming Partner.

I need either both and if you're one of them then I need you to help me on the following game modes that I never finished:


Modern Warfare 2 (Spec Ops)

Gears of War 2 (Co-op on a harder difficulty, collect all the collectibles and one of the hordes)

Borderlands (One of the expansions, especially Mad Moxxi's Underdome)

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 (Play on Expert difficulty and a few achievements)

Any Halo Game (Except for Halo 3 Co-op since I don't have it)

And a few more...


So, any help?


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i suggest you try and use the gaming sessions feature.

i got halo reach




add me sebbong

I have all the Halo games for the 360, Gears of War 1&2, and some other co-op games. Add me

oh and plus i got mic aswell :) some people dont which is annoying when doing co-op

I can help you with the Halo games, Borderlands and Gears 2 but I don't know where any of the collectibles are.

I'm up for some co-op mission of Call of Duty Modern Warfare2. Just send me a message if you want to play sometime.

I can do Borderlands and ODST if interested.  I usually go online at about 7 PM MST.

Ey I need a mw2 spec ops buddie ima send you a Friend Request