the mystery of the shrunken heads

everytime ive found a shrunken head, for some reason it doesnt go into my items list. they just vanished so now i cant get the sparda lunga. anyone else found this?


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All I know is that there are only 2 in the whole game. It really sucks since I sold one long time ago before knowing I needed them for the shop quest.

only two! godambit! well i found both of them but they just vanished. there goes my idea of getting everything in the game

Yeah it is disappointing, the only option (if you really really feel like getting everything) would be starting all over. Totally not worth it, Ubisoft should release an update with more .

now thats a good idea! just had another look and its not the sparda lunga. its the last peices of swanky armour that i cant get! not amused!!

Yeah, the sparda lunga requires vlad the impaler coins I think. The DLC brought a lot of those

Do you mean the shrunken head in that Romulus lair? Well, when I found it, I just claimed the treasure and aborted the memory. And it also vanished. So I realized I should have finished that level completely to save the head in my inventory. So I played it once more and no problem. Two heads -> swanky armour. But I've already had Brutus' one, so I did it just for completion =)