The Most Underrated Multiplayer on Xbox LIVE?

What is your pick, mine has to be, GTA IV, playing Max Payne multiplayer just now reminded me of how good Rockstars multiplayer is in all of thier games!


So what is yours?


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I loved playing Left 4 Dead 2 online its one of my favorite games!

The only reason I mentioned Mass Effect 3 was because not one person has mentioned to me how great it was, plus I haven't seen any threads with people raving about it like I have with other games. It may not be underrated to you, but to me all I ever heard of ME3 was how bad the ending is and I bet if the mp experience was a bad one you would hear a lot of bashing, but because it's decent no one really talks about it either way. Plus it was never advertised as a leading mp experience or any bs like that which over rated mp experiences like cod I swear always say every year!!!

Bionic Commando


Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising

I was so angry about Bionic Commando... How the %*$* that game get bad reviews?

It was linear, but that grappling hook.... AWESOME you could swing all through a map

Playing ninja spiderman, but then... I guess it had to much motion and not many people can hang

with the motion... TOO SLOW.

Operation Flashpoint: had an awesome Co-op ... You walk around this massive map doing missions and side missions. Using the AI was annoying, but if you had a few cool buddies that could play... It would just be fun to play the game.

DarkVoid was single player, but it got bad rep... Possibly from to much motion again on screen... I swear people cause games to be so slow these days. Look at Halo... I could fall asleep in a aircraft/flying tank and not blow up once.

Rockstar did a marvelous job with Max Payne... I can't wait for GTA V... GTA IV pissed me off... No aircraft...  I understand they wanted to glorify their ingame town, but they could have made a mini game out of it... I hope the next GTA has all the aircraft... WITH NO dumb-downed controls.... I like to fly like a G... MACH 6... cruisin, narrowly missin buildings and blowing up.... And all those stunt pilot missions from San Andreas... Awesome... Loved it, it better be in GTA V

So many games are being named that did NOT have UNDERrated multiplayer.  Shadowrun is the clear winner here.  After 5 years that game is still thriving online, but nobody really knows because of how quickly it was shrugged off.

I disagree. I mean, it used half of the same perks and even had the same killstreaks. Too much unoriginality. Just about the only thing that was unique about it was turning invisible.

Crysis 2, most people shrugged it off as a CoD clone. It did use a lot of aspects from CoD but it was completely different actually playing it. BF1943 is also not talked about much but completely awesome, I had more fun with it then the other BF games on xbox.

Burnout Revenge... still being played 6 years later.... not sure if it's underrated really tho, its got s high metacritic rating! But, more people should play! It's the best arcade racer out!

I liked Blur when I used to play it.

[quote user="Kefwi"]

Marble Blast Ultra........don't judge me...

[/quote]I liked that too. To bad it's shut down now.

Unreal Championship 2 - The Liandri Conflict was some of the most innovating multiplayer I had ever seen. To bad nobody bought the game.

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