The Media Player on Xbox One

So, first of all. I'm not here to bash the system, I would just really appreciate it if in their endeavors at some point, they upgrade the Media Player on the Xbox One. My reason for this is its inability to use subtitles and complete lack of options overall, meaning. Theres no chapters for the downloaded content you know we all stream, right.. we all do it, dont deny it. and the side scrolling of the Xbox One completely loses the battle compared to the up and down scrolling of the Xbox 360. As stated before, Subtitles, why cant we get them? They come with our downloaded content, we know how to use them. There just isnt an option provided with the Xbox One Media Player... After all, it is supposed to be a media content bundle all wrapped up in one device, and dont get me wrong, I, myself. Love the Xbox One, it really is a great system, I just wish they would focus on improving the little things a little more, just a little bit.. you know. It can't be that hard, more "Options" Microsoft, Netflix is great, but its not always the best turn to make. With all that said, thank you guys for doing what you do and I hope that in the future we could see more for the Media Player.


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