The Left-handed Betrayal

I was in a big team game last night and was (in effect) betrayed twice (shame on me then).

It went like this:

Other player gets in drivers seat and waits for teammate to get in vehicle

Once teammate is in, the driver puts vehicle over cliff but exits just beforehand.

Passengers die.

This is, in effect, a betrayal. The one causing the death gets no penalty.

However, if the aggrieved player mellees the traitor he is booted for betrayal (ooh, shame on me agian)

Code of conduct probably has some section about naming other playes ....but hey, I'm trying to help everyone here.

I didn't get the name, but the tag is ZOMG or something similar. Just never get in a vehicle with that one.


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   Yeah, I've had this happen to me once or twice. In fact, today in Firefight arcade I had a similar experience. Every time I got in a ghost or warthog, my teamate blew it up; for no reason other than to annoy me.


     It stinks, but you are right; the Code of Conduct says not to name and shame. The best thing to do is give them a bad player review so it will limit your chances of playing with them again. They have a special one for betrayals, I've used it several times.

MasterChiefe QC I know, and you know what frustrates me more? the fact that you don't get vehicles in that many maps on firefight and it takes really long time for your comendation wich requires you to kill opponents with a vehicle specially when your teammate is destoying your car/ghost


also OP a lot of people have the same tag on reach so saying he has ZOMG is not that big


and also I hate betrayers

I hate that it doesn't count as a betrayal when you're in the vehicle the loser little team killers blow up. Watched my friend playing some randoms, and was completely owning the map Driving the Missle-Warthog on Unearthed. Some butthurt sniper wannabe (took several tries...) stuck them and destroyed the hog. Her and her gunner came in 1st & 2nd.

This is pretty annoying, but thankfully doesn't go on too much.

I had a game where the opposite happened, I jumped onto the blades of a teammates vehicle causing him to betray me. So it works both ways I guess :)