The Last Hurrah!

We knew this time was coming, but never expected it to be so soon. Halo 2 PC Servers are closing down as of the 15th of February, 2013 which means that all the wars and battles would come to an end for the Halo 2 community (the civil wars (LAN) would still be active). As the first and last Games for Windows Live Halo title found, this is a major shock to PC players as we are once again disconnected to the rest of the Halo world. Perhaps they (Microsoft) would finally keel over and release a Halo 3, Reach or even Halo 4 on PC (as well as Halo 1 AE). For now, we the PC players are alone. We are the forgotten Spartans and Elites of Reach and the 2nd Halo Array. They did not want us to finish the fight (since 2007) and 6 years later, still do not want us to. Where does that leave us?

We are not going to be the same as the Halo 2 XBOX counterparts that tried to stay on LIVE until the internet died or loss of power. We are going to have the Last Hurrah, where we would obtain all Multiplayer Achievements and help others along the way by creating servers dedicated to specific achiements only. Since we know Microsoft and 343 industries are not going to change their minds on the idea of the shutdown, it would be up to us as a gaming body to do this task. And it doesn't end there. When Halo 2 for Windows Vista finally has their last game, we shall continue our fight using LAN, and complete the set with the Campaign Achievements to get 100% completion.

Spartans never die, they're just Missing In Action!


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We already know about that and a topic already exist for it.

Could not find that thread the first time. Sorry about the bump. Can you send a link for that thread?

Yeah I've been playing Halo 2 PC quite a bit, we plan on doing some sort of farewell game event.

The petition has over 1,000 signatures now!