The Known Outlaws Recruiting for Judgement!

Since the launch of Gears of War: Judgement, The Known Outlaws have been building up competition style gameplay. Day after day and night after night we have been cooperatively running ranked matches of Domination and TDM. Since the release of Execution, we have been discovering what works and what does not. Ask our Team Rep, KO SausageLinks. He is ranked top 20 in the world for Domination. We now have the desire to bring more members in and get two competition ready teams. Within KO you will be given strategies and teamwork you will not be able to find playing with randoms. We are ready to compete, all we need is you! Please visit our website at:



Feel free to add me on XBL. My GT is  KO Hazel, or if you feel like jumping right into the action and getting a feel for us, add KO SausageLinks. He is our Team Rep and will introduce you into KO style gameplay and teamwork. Hope to hear from you soon! 

- GOW Division Leader, KO Hazel


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Bump got a few on right now

We picked up a couple guys over the weekend. We are getting one hell of a gow community again!

our family is growing but we are still looking for more if any are interested.

Bumping it! We are getting involved in GBs with or with you folks. And KO SausageLinks and I are going down to Pittsburgh for a 2v2 Judgement cash in hand tourney

Im interested in joining please let me know how i can Im on right now prefer a party invite for discussion :)

Final Bump