The Kinect 2 is needs more games.

There are less then a hand full of games that are for the Kinect 2 for XBOX ONE.We do need a one handed controller for things like jumping forward in a fighting game and other difficult maneuvers,as well as light gun style games to be created for the Kinect V2. One problem is that with creating a fighting game like a Street Fighter game is no one can do a front flip to go and attack an opponent.But with a one handed controller we could get some games for the Kinect v2. to give game developers more options when creating games.Also it would be cool if there was an online RPG,a platform game,a shooter game,etc...for the Kinect v2 Microsoft you have to leave behind the no controller Kinect and only kids and family games,older gamers don't care about Kinectamals,and everyone is tired of workout games,and dance games.The Kinect V2 was expensive and we know that Microsoft has our back when it comes to the best games out there,so please Microsoft make these ideas happen.


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These forums are more about people seeking attention "Hey I really enjoyed (Insert ANY title here... Kinect or otherwise) is not what most of the people who come here want to talk about.

I totally agree - the way it was used in Alien: Isolation was an inspired idea. Man that game was good. I can't believe SEGA still consider it a failure. =[ I agree too that space can be an issue for some, but it's not the problem it was on the first Kinect for 360. S'much improved.

I just can't believe Microsoft Studios as publisher can't think to tap into the wave of games like Five Nights at Freddies, Slender, Outlast, Amnesia, and on the Oculus games like Affected and Insidious. I've seen more innovation with software for Oculus than for Kinect. The whole horror thing. Do that Rabbids augmented reality-type thing...

... only, with the chick from The Ring appearing in your dimly-lit living room with you, crawling across the wall toward you and... I don't know, you have to gesture obscenities at her or something. I'd need to spiff ball with a horde of horror fans and game devs.

But beyond fitness, dance and kids games, and the almost throwaway addition to triple-A's [excluding Alien: Isolation] of barking at your lovely companions, "Cast Shield!" - they're not doing anything with it to make people get together and scream, laugh, and post reactions online, and spam hashtagged [tag:JustCackedMyself] @KinectHorrorGame

Most of the press and online sentiment for Kinect is old headlines... "no longer a requirement!" "Xbox One now cheaper!" Meh. It's mostly... not game related, and not positive. Heh. {X)

Brilliant piece of kit.

Most impressive uses I've seen have actually been in mainstream games.

In "Alien: Isolation" it bumped the XBox ONE experience above that of any other platform.

With "Dragon Age: Inquisition" it was much more immersive telling your allies what to do... and having them actually do it, rather than pausing the action, cycling to the different characters and highlighting the required actions and then rinsing and repeating for the entire party.

It may not happen anytime soon, because like you said. Older gamers don't care about Kinectamals & everyone is tired of workout games & dance games.

I'm pretty much glad Microsoft has decide to abandon the Kinect, look what happen to the Wii last gen. Nobody plays it anymore, now nobody cares about the Kinect no more.

The problem with Kinect is the amount of space it requires. When you have to organise your living space around the Kinect it becomes a nuisance.

How many people really have a free six feet in front of their televisions?

I do.  Thanks to Kinect Fitness I dropped 20 pounds and have been doing great building up my body.   I have two little kids so going to a gym isn't an option and all different workouts are great.  Beats having a huge pile of workout videos I have to dig through.  I change up my workout depending on what I am feeling.  The dance games are great with kids and my daughter loves bowling with me.

I wish people would stop saying that "no one cares" because there are a lot of people that do enjoy it.  It is new tech and needs to be explored, not shelved.  Imagine VR with a controller vs. VR with the Kinect.  Just because there have been some crappy games made doesn't mean the hardware is crap.

I have to agree. We NEED MORE Kinect 2 games for xbox one. I finally got the xbox one console with kinect a month back and there are almost no kinect games available versus those available for the 360. My kids love the kinect games (those few that are available) and it would be great to see more game or at least port them over from xbox 360 so my kids can play them.

They should definitely be supporting it with compatible content. Had Kinect not stopped being a requirement for the X1, third-party developers would have been more likely to implement features into their games, safe in the knowledge that the entire userbase would have access to them. Now it's a cost in development that can't really be justified.

But first-party stuff should still be heading to Kinect and it does need more support. If it's ever to make a lasting impression it needs people innovating with it, with fresh content and applications. It'd only take one great game or feature to make it appealing to a huge number of consumers... but so far, nobody has really had a Minecraftian idea with mass appeal.

It'll be a gimmick for as long as more people than not can look it and go, "Meh."

Meh. =)