The jump while scaling ability

So I'm not THAT far into Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood but will I ever get that jump while scaling up buildings ability from Assassin's Creed II? I don't remember the actual name of it but it was that move that allowed you to jump and grab a ledge while scaling up a building. Alot of the structures that have hidden feathers and flags are freaking massive in AC:B and impossible to reach (to me at least) without that particular move. Do you ever get that move back or a similar move at all? Also how did Ezio even lose that move? He had it at the beginning of the game. Did he just forget how to do it?


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You'll get it, but yeah that is kind of odd how you don't have it.

Ezio is getting old.   You can buy the special grip gloves from Leonardo DaVinci later on in the game.

Yea, I finally got the gloves. Ok, I'm happy again. The game is back to it's previous awesomeness for me.