the infamous next-gen friend search

Basically since trading my 360 and picking up the xbox one I've been lacking in the friends dept. my 360 friends are still on 360.
so im looking for some new people to make friends with. 

A little something about myself.

Im 24 year old Male east coast US. I currently play Ghosts, BF4, and titanfall. on 360 i used to play Gears 1-3 religiously (judgment i thought was terrible) BLOPS2  a crapton of other games. I play pretty much anything that catches my interest. Im a pretty much a chilled laid back dude. im a big jokester and i play to have fun a lot of the times. dont get me wrong i hate losing but sometimes you have to loosen up and make it fun its only a video game after all.


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Infamous it is... I have all 3 games, and have a small group that likes battlefield on weekends. I am 16, and we are all ways looking for more gamers . *Ghost i wouldn't mind trying squads and extinction more*

Im game, hit one my way :) I have a fair few next gen games to go through.

I'm in the same boat. Feel free to add me whipper snappers