The House of Horrors (Daedric Quest )

Need some help on the quest mentioned above. I have visited the abandonded house and now am at the point where I have to find this priest Logrolf The Willful. Problem is that he is supposed to be at 1 of 6 different locations tied up. I have went to all 6 locations ( Deepwood Redoubt, Bruca's Leap Redoubt, Broken Tower Redoubt, Druadach Redoubt, Sundered Towers, Red Eagle Redoubt ) and have cleared them all out. He was never found in any of them. Even when I look at the locations on my map is says they are cleared. I've even went back to each of the locations thinking there was something I missed the first time, but just found the same dead bodies laying around. I read that this quest can be started at any point in the game, and that there are no other missions that have to be done to be able to complete this one. So my question is there something I'm missing ??


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Are you sure you don't have multiple missions selected on your menu?  Make sure all quests/missions are deselected, then select House of Horrors, then select the specific task, then press the blue button. The map has always directed me to the ONE location required.  If that doesn't work, something is wrong.

Thanks, I'll check what you mentioned... I'm just concerned because from what I read it says he will be in one of six places and I've visited them each twice and have not found him...

The location of things like that is random but will be selected when you get the quest so you should not visit all the locations. You should have been directed to the correct one by the quest giver and it should show up on the map with a quest marker as OldPepsiMan says.

I think i bugged that quest of mine. I started it, killed the Vigilant of Stendarr, then headed down stairs for my reward. Talked to the altar and went back upstairs to find the outside door locked and needs a key. I think I might have mercy-killed the preist earlier in my adventuring career. After I reloaded, I have not been back to the place I might try it again after doing all the other miscellaneous quests first.