The History Of Grand Theft Auto


What was your favorite game/games out of the franchise?

1. Gta 2

2. Gta San Andreas

3.  Gta Vice City

4. Gta IV



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San Andreas hands down.

My 2 favorite games of the series.  The GTA4 campaign was an insult to the series.

1. San Andreas.  

2. Vice City

1.San Andreas

2.Vice City Stories(It was better than Vice IMO)

That's because Vice City Stories had more to do; remember, Vice City was the older version (which is really confusing if you compare timelines of the games' storylines).

I still own all of the gta games. I didn't really like the ps1 originals, but they were fun at the time. It has really came a long way.

Story goes to gta3


Activity is a tie betwen vice and SA


Multiplayer ofcourse goes to gta IV :p

I also still own and play all the GTA games including the overheads :) Vice City.

San Andreas ftw

New favorite game of all time: GTA V, hands down ;)

My other fave GTA games of all time are:


Liberty City Stories

Vice City

In that case, ridx, I would have to say Vice City was also my all time favorite. Vice City was interesting and I swear, at times it felt like a real city, living and breathing. It really came alive when you turned the crappy "trails" crap off too.