The Halo division of the Soldiers of Desolation needs recruits

I am the second in command of the Halo division for the Soldiers of Desolaiton. As of right now, there are only 7 members on our roster, excluding our commander, SoD Egjay and me.

The Soldiers of Desolation is a large gaming community, with nearly 350 members in at least three different countries. Because of our size, we have different divisions within the clan, which include Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo. The Call of Duty division is the thriving bunch of the three, and the Battlefield division is picking up steam. However, since the departure of the former commander from the clan, the Halo division has been left behind. Since the leadership positions are already filled, and there were fireteams already set up, all we need now to get things going are recruits.

If you are a loyal, respectful, and mature gamer (prefarably over the age of 15), and you play either Reach, Anniversary maps, or 3, comment on this post, and add me, SoD x BTownBomb, or the commander, SoD Egjay, and log on to to sign up.



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Im 15 1/2(dont mind my bio) but I'm loyal, respectful and a mature gamer. i'll add you both. My KD isn't something to brag about but I've been practicing using my dmr for awhile and im getting better