The Greatest Video Game Songs of All Time

Let's settle the score once-and-for-all...

There are certain songs we come across in our video games that immediately warp us to another place.  They are emotionally burned into our psyche the first time we hear them and as time passes, they never seem to lose their flavor or their ability to bring a smile to our faces.  Here, I've posted 15 of my Greatest Video Game Songs of All Time.  Many of these songs are not only my favorite gaming songs, but my favorite songs, period. 

If the good people of will indulge me, I'm attempting to reach out to gaming communities across the web to settle once-and-for-all what the Greatest Video Game Songs of All Time are.  I'm asking folks to post their favorites if they are not included in the 15 that I've posted above.  There is no limit to how many you can post, but the number of games on the final list will be determined by how many submissions we receive across the interwebs (we are sitting on 31 total at the time of this writing).  

Once we've compiled the list, I will then post instructions for how to vote for our favorites.  

Stay tuned and thanks for playing!   



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I love this song a lot. Sorry for not knowing how to embed it. If someone could kindly teach me, though, I'd be much obliged.

Donkey Kong had a pleasing soundtrack.  I preferred the Ice stage theme.  I always have to include Liberi Fatali.  

But I think the list is ok.  It's letting me listen to some I've never heard.

Beautiful music, but this needs some more Megaman. Especially Megaman 2 has some great music. Here's some examples:


Megaman 2:

Dr. Wily Stage 1

Bubble Man Stage

Flash Man Stage

Metal Man Stage

Crash Man Stage

Air Man Stage


Megaman 3:

Spark Man Stage

Snake Man Stage


Megaman 9:

Dr. Wily Stage 2 (We're the Robots)

Tornado Man Stage


Lost Odyssey:

What You Are (Vocal Version)

Parting Forever


Mirror's Edge:

Still Alive


Devil May Cry 4:

">Shall Never Surrender



That's all for now.

The music from Two Worlds 2 is phenomenal.

Mass Effect: Wards -

Yea ,Wards is pretty sweet,

Megaman 2 Wily Stage 1 is the single greatest piece of 8-bit music ever conceived.

Mass Effect: Wards -

Sorry, was having trouble embedding the link from firefox. Trying to delete the previous post...

Final Fantasy 7: One Winged Angel.

I'll leave everyone to Google it, no link for you.

Great selections folks.  I had forgotten how good Mega Man 2's soundtrack was.  The opening song during the menu screen almost made my list.  

@ Varakharne, do you want to nominate anything specific from TW2?  

I will keep everyone posted with the voting schedule once we have it set up.  

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