The great wolf and his huge a** sword

So I'm slowly making my way through this game when I get the chance, rarely get two hours to devote soley to the game.  Anyways, I've gotten to the great wolf and he just cleans the floor with my guy every time.  I tried staying away and also going under him but eventually he merks me.  Any tips???


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He was pretty easy for me. I just blocked most of his attacks with my shield, but I completely avoided his spin attack. I got under him and attacked him there because he can't hit you.

I just kept a distance from him while blocking and pelted him with Soul Arrows. He died on the first attempt. If you stay away and keep blocking, none of his attacks can hurt you.

I'm trying to get the rhythm down in a melee fight.  I hadn't rung a bell with that character, just exploring still.  The spinning blade attack will catch me off guard at some point.

Made a "for fun" mage character and blasted him to limping on the first try.  Realized I had a looong way to go as a melee character.

roll at him during most of his attacks that avoids damage than i recmend using a sweaping weapon like a great sword so you hit his legs

I had problems with Sif too.

I play a knight and was something between 30 and 40 I'd guess.

Did this with Drake Sword (not levelled up), and it's been a fight of patience.

I've seen Vids of mages who do ~300 dmg. per attack, and I've seen Vids of melee-fights with ~150 dmg per attack.

I did ~50 dmg. per attack, when I hit him with my Drake Sword. :(

So usually I failed terribly with only about a quarter of his life taken away from him.

But I kept staying at the Sif-fight and refused to return to Sen's Fortress at that point in the game (I hated those swinging blades there).

So I decided to do a really patient run - no haste at all.

I kept moving backwards instead of forwards to him. This way I (almost) never got hit of his double swing.

From my point of view:

When he swings from right to left, it's your chance to tank through to him. Avoid the mentioned first swing, immediately move towards him as he'll start the backswing to the right again and block that one and you should be below him as he starts his 3rd blow of that combo (ground-smash). This is when I dealt one or two hits.

As soon as he is going to swing from left to right he'll do his doublespin, so keep moving backwards.

All other of his moves shouldn't be that important/dangerous.

So, as this mentioned 3-hit-combo of Sif was the only of his actions I decided to attack during, the whole fight took me a good 15-20 minutes.

But it's better to do a successful 20-min-fight than an endless series of failing 5-min-fights, right? ;)

Good luck!

Basically what Holy said.  Backpeddle on him until he does the double spin with the sword, and as he is finishing the attack rush in up under him and go to town.  Keep your shield up when you arent attacking, and just be patient to wait for an opening.

Melee characters are definitely a tough build. It took me twice the time to get to anor londo with a strength character. So far I think the toughest class is a thief if you're awesome and dual wield some daggers.

I used pyro and kept my distance with my shield up.  If he hit with his first swipe, I would jump backwards.  This would cause him to miss on the second swipe and I would be the right distance for fireballs/orbs.

If you're that far you  should have  come across the stone armour, i suggest you use it. i used havel's but they're quite similar, i got up close and personal and firebombed him from underneath, he hates fire. the stone armour with a good shield will save you from his heavy hits (mostly). hth.

I don't know if I would have the patience to do a 20 minute fight knowing that one slip up could cost me the entire 20 minutes.  Stressful stressful stressful beast ahead.

Considered boosting up a crossbow and buying lots of bolts.  But now that I cut off that dragon's tail, may try going back in with the strategy you suggested.  (It seems like it's his forward charge that knocks me down also that cuts through both my stamina and my life that makes me panic).