The Grappler Achievement: A Few Questions.

1. Do I have to press RB for the backward throw or do I have to press RB+> for the forward throw and RB+< for the backward throw or do I just press RB for the backward throw and RB+> for the forward throw?


2. Can the Achievement be unlocked in Versus mode? I will be completing the fights. I won't be quitting after I perform the moves because I have read that this causes the throws to not count.


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Those of you who are planning to ask question 2, it does work in Versus. I was halfway through the fighters when I picked Noob Saibot. I performed his front throw first and the Achievement unlocked.

As for question 1, I don't know the answer. Someone on here does know the answer and they might reply to this post so stick around. ;)

For back throws you press RB+Away(or X+A+Away) Just RB or X+A will do a normal(forward throw)

Best way to knock this out is to go for it while playing for the Arcade Champion achievement(Beat Arcade Ladder with everyone). Also a good time to get E-X-Cellant, Finish What You Start.