The Golden Claw

How, how, how?


I get to the part where some dude pulls a lever & gets destroyed by a bunch of poison arrows. Apparently, I'm just supposed to hit A & move a pillar, but hitting A does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No matter how close or far away from the pillar I am, no matter whether I tap or hold A -- NOTHING HAPPENS. Is this another famous Bethesda glitch that will force me to either start over or use an hour earlier save???


Please help -- thanks!!


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You have to change the stones to your left to the pattern somewhere in the room.  It's a puzzle.

Another tip: The next time you get stuck in this place (will happen soon at a door), go into the menu and look at the claw's palm.

Top : Bear ---- Middle : butterfly ---- Bottom : Owl

Thanks for the tips -- I had to load an earlier save.

I literally just got done with this quest and just guessed at which order the symbols would be in. Took two minutes tops and I was through the door. Hope the quest was worth it lol.

** There will be more of these in the future. Look around or behind them for matching stones.....

all, you had to do was just read the little note the dude who was in the web left, and you would have figured it out right then and there.