The Glitch Gets Me Every Day / (bonus)

On half time, sometimes i do work with the silver button, and a long story short it's like once the match starts something to do with the silver button glitches my game out. Whats happens is I hit the silver button, and everything stays blurry once the match starts. I cant play the game, and my only option is to dash board. It is kind of like the same glitch with the lightning strike. Those *** better fix this ***. 


Other than that I have gotten my golden crossbow, and RPG. 


The bonus is like you can easily get a blood thirsty with the crossbow, in the map hijack (demo), offending, from the left side of the boat where you kind of head glitch. 


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Silver button?

the pretty silver button dude

I told you not to press the shiny silver button!

Does a big white box appear in the middle of the screen when you hit the silver button?

Shiny silver does you in

is really only happening to me?

there was a guy on these forums last week with a " exclusive "  glitch 

[quote user="Jiu Jitsu AK47"]

is really only happening to me?


No a lot of people and me get this is S&D when they look at the scores with the back button, this will happen if you leave the back button up while just respawning after the end of that round, and the only way to get out of it appears to be dashboarding. Only seen it happen in search so far