The Game of The Year Edition Queston

Hey all I bought the game of the year editon. And I noticed that it is a 2 disk deal. Which disk is Harley Quinn on I wonder.


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I do not have the GOTY Edition, but from what I'm told Disc 2 will contain all the DLC.  HQR is DLC so it should be on Disc 2.

Ok great thank you.

Yep, with the GOTY edition, all the DLC is put on the 2nd Disc so will be playable immediately.


The Copy of Batman- Year one, is a digitial download copy, the code is contained in the GOTY (US & Canada only)

I thought the GotY Edition came with a card to download the Harley DLC and the other already released dlc was on the disc.

Nope, ALL the DLC is on the Disc, thats why the GOTY in the US and the DLC availability on Marketplace had the same date

Can 2nd disk be played on other boxes? As in, getting the dlc on a 2nd hdd? I don't have 2- just curious.

Waiting for confirmation about that, but from what Rock Steady has said, you wont be able to share the content around, otherwise its pretty much "game sharing" interesting to see what how they handle this, possible a code to activate the disc content

I found out on the seconded disk all the DLC is there and you have to download it from the seconded disk. The Harley Quinn Story and all DLC is played on the first disk.

How do i get the year one download?

have you found the movie?