The game is so bad MS has to bribe us with MS points to play

I love all the ad's "PLAY HALO 4 WIN MS POINTS"

Playerbase dropped by 50% in less then 24 hrs, never never have I seen that before in any game on any platform, its sad when people don't even stay long enough to get thier monies worth.

Gamestop lowered the trade in credit from $32(on Wednesday) to just $12 return credit (Thursday).

Halo Reach's pop went from 30k the day halo launched to 120k the day after Halo 4 launched they disabled the live counter at 63k to hide the fact. Halo Reach had some issues but still kept 300k 24/7 for 2 months. Still not like Halo 3 which had 150k-200k every night for 3 years.

Halo 4 will be $25 new for Black Friday.

MS has told investors today not to expect Halo 4 to meet sales quota's for Q4 2012

DLC may be put on hold if the population is gone when BO2 comes out, Halo fans went back to Reach and CoD fans will be leaving next Tuesday.

343i I guess cloning CoD and putting a Halo skin on it and boxing it wasnt the smartest thing, I'm guessing all MS is gonna trust you with now is updating graphics on older Halo.

I can't believe people are defending Halo 4, they had a bigger budget then god and could do almost anything but no they made a CoD clone, and not even a fun one.

Hell atleast the voice actors were smart enough to start leaving.


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Don't feed the trolls guys.

I guess you guys don't understand what trolling is you really need dem 300MSP for 70 hours of playing