The game icons undr the gamertag

I have noticed that many of the forum posters have game icons under the gamerscore on their profile..and how does one get those?  I have looked and searched and unable to find out anything.. maybe i am looking/searching with the wrong terms?


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You need to adjust your account's privacy settings. Right now nobody can compare games with you, so it doesn't show your recent games.

Yeah . . privacy settings . . . change "Game History" to everyone (from friends only or blocked) and we can see the games you have played recently and check out your achievements!  :)

Game icons or forum icons?

I Would guess he means recent games.


Thus the thread ends.

Hey guys just wanted to know i have a friend that has call of duty black ops 2 before release date and he also had halo 4 like a month before it he even posted a video on youtube showing me what zombie looks like he says hes xbox is mod or something like that how does that work hes gamertag on xbox live is (mod removed)    that he just removes it like he never even played the game from his thing thats wat he told me Idk i think is not fair for others to get games before release date  [View:]

What a random thread to bump for that.

What a great friend. Come onto the forum and try to get him banned. I don't agree with what he might've done but telling on him because you're jealous is pretty low.


Oh and the irony of this guy saying it isn't fair to gamers, he was reset for cheating.

So...a cheat comes on complaining about a modder/pirate mate of his.


Nice to have friends on Live, isn't it?