The game freezes on chapter 16

Hey fellas,

I bought mortal kombat in the start of this month, so its very new. 

I've been playing alot of story mode, ladder and multiplayer with no issues, however last week when i reached chapter 16, in the fight after raiden vs scorpion, my game would allways freeze at the start of the battle. The sound would still be there however. So i tried deleting the game data, and started completing again, this time the game would freeze on chapter 16 just before scorpion. I've also tried deleting the cache.

There is no visible damage to the disc :S This is seriously annoying, since the game was so expensive, and i can't even complete it. Also, there is alot of lag in multiplayer, but i understand this is an  issue for everybody.

Thanks for the help :) in advance.


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Maybe an issue with the disc, not scratches but simply game did not copy over correctly and that particular data is corrupted.  try exchanging it at the retailer u got it from for a new copy.  U shouldn't have to delete the save.

Thanks for the response :). I just figured out what was wrong. Apparently Chapter 16 doesn't tolerate PAL 50. I tried changing it to PAL 60, and now it works like a charm