The Future Soldier Classes

Will the game balance out the classes, I mean you won't be able to have all Engineers or something right?  It would be cool for the game to have a requirement that someone has to choose an unselected class before the match to make sure all classes are in the game.  Anyone?


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No. That would be horrible..

I feel that more than likely it will be balance based on the teamwork and class specifics of each roll.  If they do allow you to chose your own class and everyone goes lets say as scouts or riflemen, more than likely you will find out very quickly that you need to mix it up because neither scouts or riflemen have drones and other sensory equipment like an engineer would have.  So if you think you and your team will just go invisible and wait for the other team you'll limit your teams chances of one becoming balanced as a team and two winning.  This game will force you to play blanced.  This is what will set this game apart from other shooters.

I typically use whatever fits the map and what I am good at.  If I see people on my team using the same thing, then I will change my class.  Does anyone know if their is a medic class?