The future of Military Shooters

So COD 4 is still, in my opinion, the best COD game to date. The only problem is the modders/hackers plaguing the lobbies. The hackers need to realize that this game is the only gem left in the series and breaking it does not help especially when the developers wont fix it. All we can do is keep filing complaints on these people!! I plan on hopping on COD4 for years to come but I want a new shooter to play as well. Theres no reason to buy MW3. Why would you support a company that does not provide post launch support? Unlike IW or whoever makes the newest COD games, DICE supports there games 100%. Battlefield 3 is the way to go for Military shooters. Just watch the MW3 and Battlefield 3 E3 single player trailers side by side. I laughed. One one screen theres realistic tank battle in Iran, on the other theres A war taking place in downtown NY really? MW3 is a joke. People really need to get off the Call of Duty bandwagon!!!


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Well Said!

No comment... only a nod -nods-

the whole modern combat thing is getting quite old now tbh.

Before I read your post, I was going to say BF3 but then I found out you beat me to it.

Well i have both BF3 and MW3 preordered and i will b playing BF3 until MW3 come out, i'll probably beat the campaign then back to BF3. From Cod4 to MW2 multiplayer was such a downgrade. So from what i've seen from battlefield 3 multiplayer, i'm stickin to that