The Future of KI

Hey everyone, what are your thoughts on the future of KI?  I know it seems unclear right now, but I at least have speculation on the upcoming timeline of events.


  • Double Helix releases Sadira, Spinal, and Fulgore classic skins by May
  • Double Helix patches up the game the best they can before departure by June
  • Iron Galaxy already started concepts
  • Iron Galaxy gets full control by E3
  • Possibleteasers and updates on Season 2 by July/August 2014.
  • Season 2 possibly 2015.

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You'll get a trailer at E3 with three characters as they did last year. Most of DH's work looks 90% finished to me, IG have probably already started drawing up concepts.

From what I read in the Polygon article IG has been on this game since December. So, I'd like to think they will have 4 new characters by the release of Season 2 in November(speculative date).

Ideally I'd love for them to have a new playable character at E3 because IG would have had 6-7 months of working on the game and should have at least cranked one out.

Something will be shown at E3, that's most definite. They said that on last weeks stream. Also, I would hope the remaining retro's would be out on April 9th with Fulgore/Arcade & Lobbies. Well at least Sadira and Spinal's since one was teased and the other leaked.

I think Iron Galaxy has been getting use to the engine and mechanics since December.  Not sure if they have the green light to start making things.  But only time will tell, maybe a developer interview.

I wouldn't see why they wouldn't have already started making things. When you get down to the nitty gritty all languages are pretty much the same it's only when you are optimizing that the differences come out. That's what really the DH members needed to help the most in was letting them know how to optimize the code.

MS surely wants playable character(s) for E3 like they did last year. It would super hype and they get feedback which they have always seemed to want. There is no reason why they shouldn't have something by then. DH will always be available for answering questions as I'm sure that they just don't cut out once things are done. They are still emotionally attached to KI and will most likely do anything they can to help, within reason of their work schedules, to make sure KI continues.

It sure would be nice if MS contracted some of the DH guys who were absolutely critical to the game.  But there are things the community will never know.  

E3 Trailer w/ a first release of 4 characters around Sept-Oct is my guess.

Don't forget the four remaining character slots in the fight stats screen, one is reserved for Fulgore but the other three...

I did not see any info about 3 more "slots."  Thats pretty good news for me, but what if it's just extra room that DH thought "Well if we have time there will be these three characters.."