The freeze glitch saves on hdd

  So, after getting the 'update 5' saved on my hdd I started to get the screen freeze glitch. I read some forums and found it wasn't just me. The most common advice was to make multiple save files and hope they fix it. That's what I did. Now I find that the glitch will indeed be stored on my saves. It hits randomly with little to no advanced signs or warnings. I've had just about enough of Bethesda's support for the 360. New Vegas was released with a ton of easy to find glitches (easy to find if you actually do some beta testing.) Oblivion (also by Bethesda,) brags about the hundreds of hours of game play only to find that once you have hundreds of hours of game play, the game erupts in a game ending glitch that ends your characters career. I still love the games, but I'm not spending another dime on this studio Skyrim or not, until they make good on their product. Fair is fair after all, I give you money, you give me something that works, or you fix it, now. Of course they won't really care until it hits them in their pocket books, and judging by all the people frothing at the mouth for the next DLC it ain't about to happen.


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I feel your pain. I love this game, as I loved playing fallout 3. It has a way of totally immersing you in the whole game setting.

FNV also is the buggeist game ever developed. The programmers should be ashamed they put out such a piece of garbage. But I, like most people wil buy the next DLC. And I will buy Fallout 4 if there is one. The game is too much fun. It is a shame though that every 15 minutes or so the game crashes. I save often now, and hope that maybe someday they will put out a patch that really fixes all the numerous bugs. But I doubt it. They appear to be too incompetent.

We're all barking up an empty tree. If they ever fix this one I doubt highly that I will be one of their customers again. If I didn't already invest too much time and money into this one, I certainly am not going to recommend it any more. When this one is done, it will be a very long time reading about the next one before I actually buy it. Their incompetence is overwhelming at this time. I'm stunned  and somewhat ashamed at myself that I'm still putting up with it.