The Force Unleashed 2 glitches and issues, to say the least.

I recently bought The Force Unleashed 2, about two or three days ago, because of the Deal of the Week sale and that I am a fan of the first game, and... Wow.

is it just me, or is the entire game REALLY buggy? Like bugs that should have been dealt with long ago. Like audio and video desyncs, frame tearing, skipping, locking up for a split second... I know the game was rushed because Lucas Arts closed down, I believe, and that they had to rush to finish it, but, again, wow... It's not even that long, either. I beat it in about three hours on Normal. And about a quarter of that was probably from the final boss, since I didn't really realize how to best him. Now he's easy, though.

I am just wondering if anyone else is having the same issues as I am, and to... Well, talk about it, I guess. I liked the game overall myself, it is just that you can tell it was rushed at the end. And is it me, or does the clone feel... weaker than the original in the first game. Especially with the combos. One thing which really threw me off was the saber/force lightning combos. If I ever messed up a combo in the first game, I can usually go to the lightning based lightsaber attacks to save myself from damage and get away to get my bearings, especially on harder difficulties. In this one, not so much, and the clone is not as.,, stylish as the original. Like when you attacked with the saber and then used lightning in the first game, Starkiller did a cool little pose and stylishly goes back into his normal standing pose. The second game, not so much...

Anyway, I know the game has been out for a while, but I'm just curious as to what other people think of it. And that if anyone else would like a third game, since they basically sequel-bated us with that ending, especially with that Distant Thunder backstory.


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I've played both Force Unleashed titles, & I didn't care for either. The first one was alright, but the second one was pretty rough. Like you said, it was full of glitches, & was just an unfinished game in general. I like Star Wars, but I don't find Starkiller to be that compelling of a character, personally.

If Star Wars 1313 somehow got magically revived, that would make me much happier than a sequel to Force Unleashed 2.

"The Force Unleashed" and I stopped being friends after a 15 minute battle with the Emperor ended in him "Cheese-killing" me.

That being said I did obtain Mrs Azrael a rare "The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition" copy of said game because that was back in our courting days.

Not really heard much good about TFUII.

The first game was awesome. The campaign was shorter than expected, but it was a worthwhile buy in my opinion.

The second game was a disappointment to me. The camera controls were horrendous and some of the odd bugs were quite annoying.

I hope they make a third one. There is always a chance at redemption for the second title and the light side ending leaves a sequel plausible.

The 2nd game was pretty dire tbh.

Took me 5 and a half hours on the hardest difficulty & that includes finding all the holocrons.

The challenges were very buggy,one was so bad i couldn't finish it.

That said,the dlc is worth buying for it,drop kicking Ewoks never gets old :-)

Only a monster could get a kick out of kicking Ewoks..

Never did try any of the DLC for either title. Though the costume one for the first game was tempting (Darth Malak from KOTOR!).

It's the dark side in me lol.

The dlc is worth a go,it carries on the "alternate" story dlc from the first one.

Yeah I noticed that continuation after watching some videos of the DLC. It is interesting how they modified the canon storyline like they did. Hopefully they reward the fans of it in the third one with some more storyline to that DLC.

TFU 1 was actually a great game.  While the hype in production made it sound like it was going to be some revolutionary game and it ended up just being another action/adventure title, it was very entertaining.  I enjoyed how many different areas it took you to throughout the Star Wars galaxy through a number of different events, sequences, and types of enemies that forced you to "change it up" when fighting.  The boss fights were also very enjoyable as well.

Anyway.... 2 was awful.  Let me reiterate.  TFU 2 was *AWFUL.*  The first title was one of the best action/adventure games I had played.  The second was the absolute worst.  It was miraculously short and unchallenging, and the rage ability or w/e it was, was silly.  The sequence of events was literally this: escape from a cloning facility, go to another planet to rescue a friend, head back to cloning facility, fighting imperials on your ship on the way, fight vader in cloning facility.  The end.  It had no replay value and felt like ultimately 3 levels and done in a few hours.  Challenges don't make up for how short the campaign was.  The only improvement to the game was the "Mind Trick" ability and everything else was a step in the wrong direction.

I had rented it, so it would not be worth it to me to buy it and play DLC.  I wouldn't really hope for a sequel, and if so to put more effort into it like they did with 1, but from what I saw with RE6, ME3, etc. sometimes developers are committed to ignoring what made the game series popular in the first place when planning future titles, so not holding my breath for anything there.

I loved both games, but the second one was way too short. I don't remember the second one being buggy though.

Lol glad to see his gad a good number of replies.

But yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I really did want to love this game. The first was well done, though not the best, but that can said for many games. It's just a shame how poorly executed it is, although the scope of the first boss blew me away, reminding me if the final boss of ME2 (which was incredible to me), until I saw it was just one of those 'stand on a large platform until it attacks it it's arms' bosses. And the the way it was killed reminded me of Superman. Ironically.

And it didn't help at all that the controls are VERY unresponsive. Like not dashing when I push the button, or even double dashing is iffy. But the worst I've noticed us the blocking, or rather the reflecting. For example, the challenge to reflect back the missiles and survive, that us pretty much impossible to do without using force grab. Have if the time, my block won't even reflect it and it just blows up in my face. I know I gave the timing down, I'm pretty good at that sort if thing.

Ugh... If they ever do make a sequel, i hope they will read about everything that was wrong with this game. I am... well, bashing it, because I loved the first game. If the fans don't bring up what is wrong with the game, who will? And would the developers even bother to fix anything if a critic of troll brings them up?

Who knows? This year, it gas been announced that there will be a few Star Wars game announcements at E3, so they might surprise us. Though personally, I would love an RPG that has the story that is like Mass Effect, with a deep character customization, and have gameplay like the first Force Unleashed game, if not better. And since Bioware is making something... Well, time will tell, I suppose.

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