The force has been unleashed!

Even after its so-so reviews and overall reception, I bit the bullet and order the SE of the force unleashed II and just completed the game (uncluding DLC campaign) last night and found it to be an awesome sequel that while lacking some of what I enjoyed about the first was a worthy addition to my game library and also would recommend to those on the fence that also liked the first game.

It is true that the devs turned what was a action/adventure title into essentially a pure action hack-n-slasher but I would say that this streamlining worked for part 2 soley due to the narrative: i.e. the characters journey focused more on a sense of self discovery that lended itself well to a more focused mission structure instead of the first game more sweeping narrative and scope. With that said though, I would have preferred the 2nd game be more like part 1. I do like the challenge missions though as they do add a reason to play and replay outside of the campaign.

The bonus mimbot usb2gb flashdrive was a neat albeit ho hum bonus that included  some pics and game script but generally I have no use for the device so its attacthed to my bluray player in the living room for extra storage but others might find it more useful so I really cant complain.

In summary, the game was a great ride and I would like to know what others thought of it after having completed the main story.


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Glad you enjoyed it, overall I also liked the game but would wanted to be a little more expansive with better utilization of the DMM engine.

I remember they said that environmental puzzle will be used more often, but I find it lacking (oppose to the Endor DLC where it was well executed both in meaningfulness and use). Dagobah was just a cut-scene!?!, I think that level would've been great for platforming and puzzling with a few well placed encounters with the wild life.

The most notable improvement is the combat, which is faster and more intuitive that its predecessor. The grappling moves were very flashy but I would've make them more varied based on level progression. Like the First TFU is better to play it on Sith Master diff which offers more challenge and could give you a little more playing time.

The story was decent but not on par with the original, never the less I liked as it open some interesting plot lines/theories as it gets near to Epi IV.