The First Templar

Published By: Kalypso Media

Developed By: Haemimont Games AD

Genre: Action Adventure


I've seen this on store shelves, but I don't know alot about it. It has no reviews on Metacritics. It caught my interest due to having offline co-op. Has anyone played it?


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I wish every game had a demo.

Would be nice. I've never heard of the Publisher or Developer, so I'm betting it's crap.

You know what also got no reviews on gaming review sites or the developer or publisher was not well known at all? (Atleast around the time it was released)

That atrocious hunting game that everyone was ranting about how bad the demo was a while back, I remember it having Ps1 graphics and was just AWFUL.  So I'd avoid it.  reviewed the PC version and gave it 2.5/5. Full review Here.

Just looking at the cover makes me not want to buy it.

So yeah, I just watched the video preview on IGN....

Don't get it dude.