The First Templar

It has 51 on, but what's the opinion of anyone that's played it? I'm not expecting anything amazing, but the co-op has caught my interest. 


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I am interested in TFT too...another game about templars that i am tracking is The cursed crusade.

Id like to know a bit more about this game as well.  Id like to pick it up, but idk if I wanna spend $40 on it yet.  

Here's a gameplay video...



its pretty gd game brillaint story line bit like assassins creed but ur the templar and get betrayed by others who are after the holy grail

Its not too bad to be honest, I'm kidn of enjoying it. Decent story, and reasonable gameplay, but a little bit linear.

Definately worth a go, just keep your expectations low

I picked up the game today, but I haven't been home to try it yet, I'll give my opinion of it when I play it tomorrow,

So if I wait for a price drop then it would be worth a play? I liked Two Worlds enough that I got all the Achievements and bought Two Worlds 2. Two Worlds was so bad that it was good type of game and I waited a couple of months and got Two Worlds 2 for $25 so is that the case with Templer?

I played it for about 4 hours and so far it's OK. Nothing amazing, but nothing to awful either. It's not an RPG, so don't buy it expecting a game like Two Worlds. It's more of a hack & slash game with added RPG elements. It's pretty easy to earn achievements to, I have over 400G already. The graphics can be pretty bad at times, but seeing as you played Two Worlds that probably wont bother you. I recommend it as a rental.