The Fallen Quest (Spoilers)

O.K. I am actually looking for spoilers in this case. I had not even started the civil war quest and I was just told by the Jarl in Whiterun that I have to bring an end to the war before he will help me catch the dragon. My main question is if I get them to agree to peace does that exclude me from doing the civil war quest later? I was going to do that questline last but it looks like I may have to pick a side quicker. Any information on this would be helpful.


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You can have the sitdown meeting without having to pick a side. It won't effect which side you choose.

The "Peace Talks" only delay the inevitable long enough for you to finish your present quest. Careful what you ask for at the treaty table! After you finish "The Fallen" you then have to choose sides before the Civil War stuff takes place.

Thanks guy that helps.